Baggage services at Miami international airport

Baggage services at MIA airport

Lost and Found, left luggage services, baggage wrapping stations, Self-Service Luggage Carts

Lost & Found  

Open daily from 8 am to 6 pm, the Lost & Found facility is located on the 4th level of North Terminal D, next to Bank of America.

All items found in the airport terminal, parking lots, handling areas or employee transportation are received. The storage limit period is 30 days.

NOTE: Lost and Found does NOT charge a service fee for filing a lost property report or for assistance in finding lost property.

Additionally, Lost and Found is not affiliated with any company or website that charges a fee to search for lost items.

If you need to report a lost item, fill out the Lost Item Claim form.

If the item was stolen, you may also want to file a stolen property report with the Miami-Dade Airport Police. Once proper ownership is confirmed, found items can be retrieved at the collection location during regular business hours. Photo ID and claim number required.

Shipping Service: If you are out of town, you can request a shipping service, but you will need to pay shipping costs, including all taxes, customs duties, and fees ("Import Fees") for items shipped outside of the USA.

For items lost or left on a plane, please contact your airline.

Lost and Found receives items left at TSA checkpoints on the following business day. NOTE: TSA does not deliver confiscated items to Lost and Found.

Baggage Checkroom/Storage Located on the 2nd level of Central Terminal E

Open every day from 5 am to 9 pm. The daily rates will depend on the size of the luggage. In addition, affidavits can be obtained in the luggage storage area for $10 with proper identification (eg, driver's license, birth certificate, passport). Other services are also available, including notary services and accessories of luggage.

For more information call 305-869-1163 -

Baggage Wrapping Stations Concourses D, E, F, G, H and J

This service allows passengers to protect checked baggage before check-in. Wrap is a non-toxic, 100% recyclable, tamper resistant/evident plastic film.

Baggage wrapping service is available before security, at stations along the 2nd level of the terminal.

NOTE: Only baggage wrapped with the provider on site can be re-wrapped at no cost to the provider. Baggage wrapped offsite will not be rewrapped.

Self-Service Luggage Carts

Baggage carts are available in all terminals, in parking lots, and within the Federal Inspection Services enclosures. It is self-serve by rental for $7 per cart.