Customer service - MIA international airport

Tourist information desks

Located in terminals D, E, H and J, including the main counter in central Terminal E, Level 2, near the airport hotel. Open every day from 6am. to 10pm

The services provided include:
Multilingual tourist and airport information
Multilingual translation and interpretation service
TDD telephone assistance at the Information Center
Resolution of customer complaints
Accepting lost items when the lost and found office is closed

For additional information, call 305-876-7000.

Customer Service

Paging and information center

For assistance in multiple languages or to request a page, simply pick up any of the courtesy white phones located in the terminals. The localization service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Messages can be viewed on monitors located behind the ticket counters.

Another way to request a page is by visiting the Concourse E Information Center located on the second level (departures) of the Central E Terminal. In addition to the location, the center also provides information, emergency messages, and customer service to the public via: Public Number (305-876-7000) Hotlines 1-800-TALK-MIA (800-825-5642)

Use the form to file a complaint. You can also download it and send it to [email protected] For complaints from passengers with disabilities CLICK HERE

Expedited Security Screening

To avoid long lines when traveling, you should consider the Global Entry and TSA Precheck programs. Both programs offer expedited service so you can navigate your way through the airport faster.

Global Entry
To get through security faster, check out the Global Entry Trusted Traveler Program. It’s managed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The program allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers to get expedited clearance when they arrive into the United States.

The program is targeted to the following people:
US citizens, legal residents, permanent residents. who leave the country at least four times a year, airline personnel, business travelers.

There is a $100 fee for a five-year application. You can register online.

Once your application is reviewed, you will be contacted to schedule an interview at one of the Global Enrollment Centers. Once you are enrolled in the program, you will enter the United States using automated kiosks located in the passport control area.

Global Entry kiosk
Slide your passport into the reader.
Follow the instructions on the screen.
After your details are displayed, remove your passport and look into the camera.
Press four fingers of each hand on the scanner.
Answer questions about the Customs Declaration; tap NEXT SCREEN.
Answer YES or NO in the pop-up window.
Confirm or enter new flight information. Tap NEXT.
Take your receipt and follow the instructions on the screen.
If there is an X on the receipt, take it to the Passport Control officer at the booth nearest the kiosk.

TSA Precheck
This expedited security screening program is available through participating airlines and airports. Participants are not required to remove their shoes, jackets, belts or laptops to go through security. Children 12 and under can join a parent/guardian with TSA PreCheck in the dedicated lanes.

You must be a member of a trusted traveler program like Global Entry in order to apply for this program. Visit TSA Precheck to learn how to qualify for the program.