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Miami airport arrivals (MIA)

Arrivals at Miami airport

Flight status of today's arrivals at MIA airport.

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Recommendations after arriving at Miami airport

  1. Carry on luggage

    Don't forget to pick up all your belongings from the airfcraft.

  2. Connecting flights

    If you expect a connecting flight and arrive in the early hours, the airport has 24-hour coffee services available. If you are coming from another country and the connecting flight is national, you must remove your checked baggage (in case you have checked baggage) and carry out the migrations. Otherwise, if your final destination is outside the United States, you will not have to do migrations neither collect your checked baggage.

  3. Checked baggage

    If Miami is your final destination and you've checked luggage, go to the baggage claim area and look for the carousel that corresponds to your flight. In some cases there may be two flights sharing the same carousel. If your luggage is missing, go to your airline counter. View airlines at MIA airport

  4. Migrations

    Follow the signage to do migrations. If you are a foreigner, depending on your nationality, you will need to present a passport and visa (as applicable) and hotel reservation or address and phone number and name of the person where you will stay: Get ready for some questions that may be asked (they do not always ask) and just refuse to answer what they ask without giving additional explanations that may compromise you.

  5. Arrivals Hall

    After you leave U.S. Customs at North D and Central E terminals, you'll be at level 1. If you go out in South Terminal J, you'll be on the 3rd level. There take the elevator up to the 2th level to connect with other airlines or parking garages. Use the Skyride on the 3rd level to connect between terminals, parking garages and MIA Mover station. From there, Mia Mover takes you to the car rental center, train and bus services. You can find ground transportation on the 1st level. If you expect a connecting flight and arrive in the early hours, the airport has 24-hour dining and shopping services available.

  6. FAQs

    For further information check out the Frequenly Asked Questions (Faqs)

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