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Miami Airport Terminals and Concourses

The airport consists of three terminals and six concourses: North Terminal (Concourse D), Central Terminal (Concourses E, F, G), South Terminal (Concourses H, J).

Connection between terminals

To move between terminals, you must take the moving walkways on level 3. There are also moving walkways from the Central Terminal to the MIA Mover station (between the Dolphin and Flamingo garages), an automated transportation system that you can use free of charge to get to the Central Metro Station and the Car Rental Center.

The Skytrain service, located above the North Terminal, takes you from one end of Concourse D to the other, with 4 stations along its route. Use the elevators in Concourse D to reach the Skytrain stations.

Terminals and concourses Mia airport

North Terminal

Features a single concourse (D), which accommodates 30 million passengers annually and consists of 51 boarding gates.

Destinations: Operates American Airlines domestic and international flights.

Arrivals level

Level 1 houses the Arrivals area and baggage claim. Passengers can find various services on this level, including cabs and other means of transportation.

Check-in level

On level 2, passengers will find the check-in and baggage check desks, and access to the boarding gates after the security check.

Boarding area (Concourse D): Boarding gates are located on the second level and are numbered as follows: D1-D12, D14-D17, D19-D34, D36-D51, D53, D55 and D60. In this concourse, there are duty free stores, restaurants, cafes, spa, stores and other amenities and services.

Level 3

From here, you can access the parking lots or board the MIA Mover to reach the Car Rental Center and the metro station. Also on this level is the SkyTrain, which allows you to transfer along Concourse D in just 5 minutes. There are 4 stations along the entire length of the hall.

VIP lounges - Flagship Lounge - Admirals Club - American Express Centurion

Central Terminal

Destinations: Concourses E and F operate domestic and international flights, while Concourse G operates domestic flights only.

Arrivals level

Level 1 houses the Arrivals and baggage claim halls, as well as various services and transportation facilities.

Level 2

Check-in counters and security and boarding areas through Concourses E, F and G.

Concourse E: It has 18 gates: E2 and E4-E11 in the main hall, while in the satellite area are gates E20-E25 and E30, E31 and E33. To reach the latter, you can board a train on level 4. Concourse E is also home to the Miami International Airport Hotel.

Concourse F: It has 19 gates numbered F3-F12, F14-F19 and F23. All of them can be reached from the security checkpoint by foot in 3-5 minutes.

Concourse G: 14 gates numbered G1, G2, G4-G12, G14-G16 and G19, all accessible on foot and 3-5 minutes from the security checkpoint.

Level 3

From this level, you access the parking lots and the MIA Mover, which allows you to reach the Car Rental Center or take the metro.

Level 4

This level allows you to transfer to other gates.

VIP lounges - The Military Hospitality Lounge and the Turkish Airlines Lounge are located in Concourse E.

South Terminal

Destinations: Operates domestic and international destinations. Concourse H is mostly used by Delta Air Lines. Concourse J is where intercontinental flights are located.

Arrivals level

In addition to the Arrivals Hall and the baggage claim area, level 1 houses various services and access to transportation.

Check-in level

Check-in counters and boarding gates are located on level 2.

Concourse H: 13 gates (H3-H12, H14, H15, H17).

Concourse J: 15 boarding gates: J2-J5, J7-J12 and J14-J18.

Level 3

Access to parking lots and the MIA Mover transport service.

VIP lounges - In Concourse H, there is a Delta Sky Club and a Turkish Airlines Lounge, while in Concourse J there is a LATAM lounge.

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