Tri-Rail at MIA airport

Tri-Rail at Mia airport

Commuter train service departing from MIA airport to connect Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach counties


The first train departs at 4.15am from Miami Airport and the last departs at 9.40pm. It is recommended to be 20 minutes before departure. The frequency ranges from 40 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the hours.

Stop location

To get the Tri-Rail, head to the 3rd Terminal Level and follow the signs to take the MIA Mover to Miami Central Station.

Fares per way and destinations

Rates by zones, routes and destinations

The Tri-rail route covers three counties: Miami Dade County, Boward County and Palm Beach County. But in turn it is divided into 6 zones and starts counting from the zone where you take the train. Suppose you get on at Miami International Airport, the zones would be made up as follows:

Zona 1: Miami airport station - Golden Glades Station (with intermediate stops at Haialeah Market Station, Metrorail Transfer and Opa Locka)
Zona 2: Hollywood station - Ft Lauderdale international airport at Dania Beach  (with intermediate  stop at Sheridan Street)
Zona 3: Ft Lauderdale Station - Cypress Greek
Zona 4: Pompano Beach - Boca Raton (with intermediate stop at Deerfield Beach Station )
Zona 5: Delray Beach - Boynton Beach
Zona 6: Lake Worth - Mangonia Park (with intermediate stop at West Palm Beach)

Destination Fare
Hialeah Market $2.50
MetroRail Transfer $2.50
Opa Locka $2.50
Golden Glades $2.50
Hollywood $3.75
Sheridan Street $3.75
Ft Lauderdale airport $3.75
Cypress Creek $5.00
Pompano Beach $6.25
Deerfield Beach $6.25
Boca Ratón $6.25
Delray Beach $7.50
Boynton Beach $7.50
Lake Worth $8.75
West Palm Beach $8.75
Mangonia Park $8.75

Weekend and holiday rates

Tri-Rail currently offers discounted flat fares for all weekend/holiday trips. These fares are in effect for travel between all destinations on weekends and holidays only. Transfers from other systems do not apply to the discounted weekend rate.

Daily Pass:  $5.00

Students, children ages 5-12, seniors, and people with disabilities:  $2.50 

Monthly Regional Pass

Good for unlimited rides across all Tri-Rail and Miami-Dade Transit systems (Metrorail and Metrobus) from the first day to the last day of the calendar month. 

Full Fee:  $155.00

Employer Discount Program:  $131.75

Students, children ages 5-12, seniors, and people with disabilities:  $77.50

Payment Method

To travel by public transport you need the EASY Card Pass. You can buy your rate at the EASY Card vending machines located at Miami Central Station. To the rate you have to add $2, which is the price of the physical card (the plastic).